Drive when you want, earn what you need


How to drive with Go Cabs Make money driving folks around your city, in a cab provide by your owner or GO APP. Apply now to get more information about driving in your city.

Go Cabs Provide to Driver

• We will give you Freebies Every Year.

•We will provide you with life Insurance (Only for commercial Drivers)

• We will provide you an Id Card & Swiping Machine

• We are tie up with major manufactures to lead a car for you in EMI Basis.

Car Requirements

Most people can drive with Go Cabs, even if you don't have a car or commercial permit. Requirements vary by city, but there are a few minimum requirements:

• Yellow Board Car

• Smart phone with phone number

• WIFI IP Camera

• WIFI Hotspot

• Two TV headrest monitors

• Aerosols

• Tissue papers

• Fire extinguisher and first aid box

• News papers and Magazines

Commercial Driver Income

• 90% on Each Ride

• 25% on Media Advertising

Required Documents

Before hitting the road, share the documentation below.

Cab Documents

• Valid RC Book

• Insurance (1st Party Only)

• Fitness Certificate

• Tax Receipts

• Tourist Permits

• Cab Photo

Owner's Documents

• PAN Card

• Cancelled Cheque

• Id Proof and Address Proof

• Bank account

• Owner Photo

Driver’s Documents

• Commercial Driving License

• Id Proof and Local Address Proof for police verification

• Bank account

• Driver Photo

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